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Published in Bloomington, Indiana


Shut Up and Listen is a print and digital magazine about music and D.I.Y. culture - created by Bethany Lumsdaine and Jessie Grubb in Bloomington, Indiana.

Bethany and Jessie started the project in September of 2016 as a radio show on Indiana University's Student Radio Station, WIUX

The duo began interviewing artists to air on the show and quickly decided to create a zine out of the content they were collecting. The project has since grown into a recurrent publication and online presence.

Shut Up and Listen aims to create a platform where underrepresented musicians and artists can be heard.

The first issue of Shut Up and Listen was published on October 26th, 2016. 


Tyler Damon, Diane Grubb, Ben Lumsdaine, Wendy Lumsdaine, Liv Mershon, Dev Montanez, Kora Puckett



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BETHANY: What was your favorite interview we did last year?

JESSIE: ahhhH! We had so many great interviews last year but I felt an extra special connection with Psychic Twin. Their relationship felt like a reflection of ours from another dimension. We hadn’t prepared any questions beforehand so it felt really natural just meeting and getting to know them. Plus I felt super inspired afterward!

BETHANY: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from making shut up and listen?

JESSIE: I’ve learned that people are a lot more open and willing to talk than I originally thought. I’m such an introvert which made it hard to be charismatic at first but everyone’s kindness has really pushed me to keep going.

BETHANY: You got involved with so many different radio programs this past year - can you list them? What was your favorite part?

JESSIE: I started engineering an LGBT talk show, BloomingOUT on WFHB last summer and more recently I started coordinating and hosting Local Live, another show on the community station that brings in local musicians for a performance and interview weekly. And of course, we host Shut Up and Listen on the college station, WIUX. My favorite part is hearing what tracks you chose and finding a way to mix them with mine on the spot.


BETHANY: What was the best movie you saw?

JESSIE: The 4K restoration of Funeral Parade of Roses at the IU cinema! It’s a Japanese film from the 60’s that’s includes documentary footage of the gay scene in Tokyo mixed with a drama story loosely based off the Oedipus Rex tragedy in which Oedipus kills his father then marries his mother. 

BETHANY: What’s the worst part of making the zine? What’s the most memorable mistake we’ve made?

JESSIE: I remember gluing corrections into issue 6 after we found 3 or 4 mistakes. It was silly cause the color of the paper was slightly different which made the mistakes stand out more but at least everyone doesn’t think that I’m a loser who can’t spell imagination! 


BETHANY: If you had to pick a song to sum up your 2017 what would it be?


BETHANY: What do you want to accomplish by the end of this year?

JESSIE: I want to put out another handful of zines and play in a cool cover band this halloween.

BETHANY: What’s your life motto?

JESSIE: git er done. My mom bought me a shirt from the racetrack when I was in first or second grade that just said git er done. It was a few sizes too big but I wore it all the time. I don’t have the shirt anymore but the saying has stuck with me.

JESSIE: Which interview has inspired you the most? 

BETHANY: I loved interviewing The Funs because I felt like the things Jessee was talking about were really relevant to my own life at the time! Every time I talk with them I feel like I get 500 times more insight into how I want to live - Jessee, Philip, and Kelly have all been through a lot and are all such encouraging and thoughtful people! I also loved interviewing Psychic Twin because of how well we all clicked! It felt like chatting with old friends - or our selves in the future!


JESSIE: How do you find new music?

BETHANY: I think I learn about a lot of new current music from my friends sharing things they like on Facebook. Sometimes if I’m really in the mood to dig, I’ll browse through new releases on the Bandcamp homepage. Otherwise just leaving YouTube autoplay on will usually show me some hidden gems of the past!

JESSIE: Which of our radio shows from last semester was your favorite? 

BETHANY: I love finding good covers for our Halloween radio show every year - learning about the whole Ramones cover album by Shonen Knife was incredible. The Bloomington show was fun too, because I really looked into local music history to find out about bands I had never even heard of. My favorites were “We’re All Gonna Die” by Your Grocer’s Freezer (although I’m pretty sure they were actually an Indianapolis band..) and “Back Baby” by The Smears.


JESSIE: You’ve been booking lots of shows for touring bands recently - what have you learned in the process?

BETHANY: Honestly, everything! I started booking shows before I had ever played in a band, so I really had no idea what I was doing or what people needed to know ahead of time. Besides the obvious communication aspects - I’ve learned that just being organized about it and putting the time and energy into the event and promotion makes all the difference! I only book bands that I really love and feel excited about, so that makes the hard work feel a bit easier, too.


JESSIE: How has making our zine changed you? 

BETHANY: I’m a lot less shy! But also, I think I just approach life in a different way. I’m always looking for new content and viewing everything through the lens of the zine. Shut Up and Listen has kind of taken over my life, but in the best way possible.


JESSIE: What song makes you Shut Up and Listen?

BETHANY: Toxic by Britney Spears


JESSIE: What are you looking forward to this year?

BETHANY: Hopefully going to more shows out of town! I had so much fun when we drove to Cincinnati in a night to see Pharmakon. I’m also looking forward to getting at least a little closer to finishing school!

JESSIE: What’s your life motto?

BETHANY: If you can dream it, you can be it!!