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Published in Bloomington, Indiana


published 3.17

Alexandra and Adina performing "Touching Itself Touching"

    Alexandra Sand and Adina Mocanu are artists who met while studing graphics at the National School of Arts in Bucharest, Romania. They have both been passionate about art since an early age. 

   “We were those kinds of kids who had nothing better to do than paint,” Alexandra said.

   “and compete in art competitions.” Adina added.   

   They remember spending hours discussing, debating, and questioning the art and artists they read about while studying for class with each other. 

   "That’s how we built our creative process,” Alexandra said.

   “and how we survived college.” Adina added. 

   Rather than being inspired by any particular artists, the duo thrives on the effect art has. 

   “We aren’t inspired by artists, we are inspired by the change that the artwork is delivering to the world.” Alexandra said. 

   It wasn’t until 2013 that they started creating performances together. The first pieces they performed were public. By doing things like camouflaging themselves into the unused parts of public spaces to eating a giant slab of prosciutto on the streets in Rome, Adina and Alexandra were able to draw the public’s attention in a gentle yet unexpected way. During performances that last hours, they take turns.




“We are exchanging the energy,” Alexandra said.   

   “and the public is outside of it.” Adina added. 

   “We can perform just for ourselves, we don’t need the public to validate our work because it’s that 

energy that we managed to create. I don’t know how that was created, it just happened.” Alexandra said. 

    They are together most of the time and spend a lot of it practicing the art of performance. Last year, they lived in Rome as resident artists at the Villa Medici where they created a film called Cynisca.  

   “We felt like two little princesses.” Adina said.

   A statement about their work on their website states that “traveling and exploring new societies, finding the common background, and using it to create similarities and appropriations.” is a major part of their practice. 


The duo is spending the first part of 2017 in Bloomington, IN. Carl Ipson from Collins Living Learning Center reached out to them about teaching a class on performance art at Indiana University. The class is 8 weeks long and they help students create individual performances after teaching them the fundamentals of performance. After the class is over Adina and Alexandra will be working on videos and performances to exhibit in Bloomington before traveling to Texas in the summer.

Adina and Alexandra performing "The Energy Cycle"

One of the pieces created during their time at Villa Medici titled "L'AUTRE".