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Published in Bloomington, Indiana


  Surrounded by music growing up, Amy grew an ear for song writing early on. She taught herself guitar in high school and during college, music became her cathartic passion.

  “Song writing is something that comes really naturally for me as a form of expression.” Amy said. 

  She started calling the project Amy O 12 years ago when she was creating quiet folk songs. For years she kept the music to herself and didn’t play publicly until a few years ago when she was living in New York. A love interest brought her to Bloomington three years ago.

  “I wanted to move somewhere where I could focus on making music and not worry about having to work a lot or having to pay a lot of rent.” Amy said.

  Since moving, her music has gradually evolved. Her solo project has grown into a full band and after releasing the album "Arrow" in February of this year, they have already recorded another titled "Elastic" which is set to come out in August of 2017. The new album has a "new wave vibe" that Amy hasn’t 

experimented with before. However, not all of her musical energy is spent on Amy O.


  “Right now I’m taking guitar lessons to understand music theory and basic guitar stuff because I want to give lessons eventually but I realized I have a lot to learn myself first.” Amy said.

  She also plays in the band Brenda’s Friend with Erin Tobey. The duo has released 2 tapes in the last year and they've played a lot of killer shows. Rather than having stage fright, Amy is energized by the anticipation of having an upcoming show which is clear when watching her play.


Catch her on tour in 2017 to witness the talent and passion she brings on stage every single time!


The Roches



Strawberry Switchblade

Ray Lynch

Frankie Cosmos


 AMY O began as Amy Oelsner’s solo project but has since transformed into a full rock band. 

“I really like working collaboratively with women. I personally feel more comfortable. It’s easier to access my emotions and bring them into what I’m doing,” Amy said.