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Published in Bloomington, Indiana


published 11.16

louis, maggie, sarah, and emily of christi - at jan's rooms in bloomington, indiana

     After seeing an all female punk band (including current Christi guitarist, Sarah), Maggie knew she wanted to be a part of something just like that.

     Joining together with Sarah and Emily on guitar, and their first drummer Liza, Maggie picked up a bass and Christi was born. Christi combines influences of country, classic punk, doo-wop, dream-pop, and even Gwen Stefani in No Doubt to create powerful, catchy, and sometimes sweet punk rock tunes.

     Christi stopped in Bloomington during their most recent tour of the south and midwest. Maggie said that their tour had been incredible so far, partly because every show they had played also featured “bands that included female bodied members or queer members”. We talked a lot about the importance of seeing representation and diversity in punk and DIY scenes.

     “In smaller towns it’s like, more diverse people seem to come together,” Emily observed music to be a sort of safe haven for misfits.

     Even with the welcoming of diversity that punk offers, sometimes the atmosphere at shows can still feel overwhelmingly masculine and male-dominated. Maggie said that the members of Christi felt “frustrated” by that presence, and so they started their band to push against it.

     In addition to their involvement in the DIY music scene, the members of Christi have spent a lot of time working with the Girls Rock camp. The Girls Rock camp in Richmond is a completely free program focused on empowering girls and non-gender conforming youth to start bands and learn to play music. Emily and Maggie explained that they try to make the camp as accessible as possible to all people. 

     Christi was touring with their newest tape, titled Christi 2, which they spent the first half of the year recording. For this recording, they spent time experimenting with new techniques. Since everyone in the band plays an instrument, they enjoyed being able to create more complicated vocal parts on the recordings - something that isn’t always possible for them to perform live.

     Christi said they are very happy with these new songs and can’t wait for everyone to hear them. The new tape will be online soon!