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Published in Bloomington, Indiana


published 3.18

When did you start making music? 

What made you want to learn? 


Roobie: I was like 7, and I was over at my friend Campbell’s house, her parents have a practice space for their band in the basement, it smelled like a wet cat and I felt really at home down there. Did I mention I had immobilizing arthritis when I was 7. I was handed a microphone and I made some arrhythmic screeches. Suddenly my arthritis was cured! I’m still making arrhythmic screeches to this day. Also I can move my limbs!


Nico: I’ve grown up with a passion for music, inflicted on me by my parents. I was going through somewhat of an existential crisis when I was about 8 years old, after my dad, who was my closest friend, passed away. Musicians like Matmos, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Stereo Total, and Nico practically saved my life. What they created was so beautiful and controversial. That’s when I knew I wanted to make a contribution to the world of music. Also, this is my first band, I’ve played music solo for a while though.


How did you meet and form Knife Wife?


Roobie: We met at the zoo back in the summer of ‘17. The chimp enclosure was particularly misty that day. We caught each other’s eyes amongst the sweaty bodies. We simultaneously thought to ourselves “Now that’s one chimp I could monkey around with!”

Can you describe the process of creating your latest release, Indoor Adult? 


Nico: I wrote ‘Surrealist Realism’ on my own, and Roobie wrote ‘Infant House Party’ on her own. Then we collaborated to add new elements to the music, like wobbly synth and a meaty bass riff. It took us about an hour to record the whole thing. Our buddy Anthony Pirog recorded and mixed it.


What do you do besides music? 


Nico: We go to school to get educated, and we create avant garde films and artworks.

Who inspires you?


Roobie: Whenever I’m writing a song, I want it to stun and baffle my enemies.


Nico: My music is strongly inspired by Jim Jarmusch’s films. I am blown away by his understanding of natural human interaction. I try to write songs that notice minor details in life and simple interactions.

What aspirations do you have for 2018? 


Nico: We’re gonna make an album. We’re gonna do some little tours. And we’re gonna have an immensely good time!