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Published in Bloomington, Indiana


published 5.17

Who runs Never Normal?

Never Normal is operated by Suzi Analogue, and run together by a community of creatives.



How did the label begin? 

How did you pick the name?

Never Normal started in NYC. The name comes from the idea that we, as people of the world, should permit ourselves to be different, strong, vivid and connect with each other’s differences, not tear each other down because of our differences. The name also highlights the idea that the history of the world that we live in today has never been “normal”, and the sooner we can tap into that fact collectively, the sooner we can create a better world together.



What are you hoping to accomplish with Never Normal?

Never Normal Records is not just a digital platform to publish original cultural content from worldwide creators, but a powerhouse of one-of-a-kind projects including audio albums and videos, memorabilia and rare cultural artifacts like cassettes, vinyl, printworks and more.

Never Normal Records has two objectives.

1. To produce audio and visual information of quality that increases the value of authentic cultural artifacts from emerging international creative leaders.

2. To provide an undeniable experience in sound & vision that will innovate & inspire a global connection which is free of genderism, racism, classism, ageism, sexism, sizeism, ableism, ethnocentrism and any other human oppression.

How do you pick artists?

Artists from Never Normal are all from a community of global creatives - they are the thinkers and do-ers from where they live and we naturally connect out of our love for creativity.


What’s something you wish was different about the music scene?

I just want the music scene to support artists who are taking more risks with their work.

What would be your dream release?

Every release on Never Normal is a dream release.

What’s next for the label?

Never Normal has a lot of new audio/visual releases on deck next and will be introducing something big soon.

Who does the design for your website?

The layout design for the site is by Suzi Analogue.

We immediately fell in love with Suzi Analogue the first time we heard her music.


Suzi Analogue is a multi-talented creative soul who makes music, has taught classes at Yale, and has served as a cultural diplomat for the U.S. Department of State. She has been covered by The Fader, MTV, Billboard, Vice, and more. She just released a new album and will be playing at Moogfest later this month.


In addition to all this, Suzi Analogue is also the founder of 

NYC-based label Never Normal Records.