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Published in Bloomington, Indiana


published 3.17

    Before their show in Bloomington, we got a chance to talk with the members of Palberta about their band and their friendship.

   They laughed as they told us about their roles in the band.


   “I’m Nina, and I play drums, bass, and guitar, and sing.”


   “I’m Lily, and I play bass, guitar, and drums, and sing.”


   “I’m Ani, and I play guitar, bass, drums, and I sing.”


   Nina, Lily, and Ani are all multi-instrumentalists with years upon years of musical experience. 


   Nina studied classical piano through most of her childhood before attending Bard College for classical music composition. Lily played piano and drums before picking up a guitar and starting to play acoustic shows at age 16. Ani grew up playing piano, studied accordion in high school, then went on to study electric music in college. 


   The three met during their time in college. However, Palberta wasn’t formed until Nina booked a show where they each played a solo set. At the time, Lily was trying to transfer to Bard College where Nina and Ani already attended. They decided they would play music together if they were all at the same school.


   “Lily got into Bard and we all met up in New York City where we’re from,” Nina explained. “We jammed and the rest is history.”


   Palberta has been together as a band for four years now. Since they each play every instrument, the songwriting process is shared between them.


   “Someone will sing something and usually we just write our parts over each other, without knowing someone else’s part,” Ani said about writing lyrics and vocal parts. “Then we come together and talk about it.”


   They all agreed that improvisation is a big part of their songwriting process, but that the final product is very intentional. Their music is not inspired by any particular genre. Instead they prefer to describe the way their music sounds.


   “Our sound tends to be very dry,” said Nina.


   “Spacious in ways, and also dense sometimes,” said Lily.


   “A lot of different parts and conflict,” said Ani.


   “It’s heavy sometimes,” said Nina.


   “But sometimes light,” added Ani.


   Nina, Lily, and Ani all live in different places currently, so it’s not as easy for them to get together. Lily explained, however, that being together helps them feel motivated to create music.


   “Our dynamic as a group is very specific, and intense, and explosive and frantic,” said Nina. “All feelings are felt at their most heightened state, and I think that’s something that effects the music a lot.”


   The friendship between the members of Palberta can be sensed through their stage presence and combined musicality. Their songs are hectic but sharp, with each odd note seeming perfectly intentional. 


   Palberta just released a new album “Bye Bye Berta” on Wharf Cat Records. They told us that they are currently working on a surprise video - so keep your eyes peeled!