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Published in Bloomington, Indiana


published 3.18

Q & A with JJ, the lead singer and guitarist of Swedish punk band Skiftande Enheter

Who is in Skiftande Enheter and what instruments do they play? 


Me, JJ ulius, sing and play guitar. Elin plays drums, Hugo plays Bass and Love plays keyboards. For the single we just released the lineup was a little bit different, with mattias playing keys and viktor bass but they had to quit the band for various reasons! 


What other bands have the members of Skiftande Enheter been a part of?


Elin played drums in a great pop band called liechtenstein, check out their song stalking skills on youtube, sounds a bit like mo-dettes! Elin and Love both played in this hardcore band called heavy makeup with me before. Hugo plays guitar in a band called makthaverskan, they are pretty big actually!


Can you describe the process of creating the Market Square 7”? 


We recorded about 7 songs, in the end I was only satisfied with two of them so then we put it on a single, took like a half a year or something to write those songs and it eventually it was just two of them.. S/o to paul messis for releasing them. His band suburban homes was one of the most inspiring things to me when I started the band. 

When did you start playing music and how did you learn? 


I played some when I was in high school but then I quit and wasn’t doing music for like 10 years or something. Then I sung in a hardcore band for two years but didn’t think I had any talent at all for writing songs or playing an instrument. Then two years ago I decided I really wanted to write my own songs so I bought a guitar (a stratocaster because it was the most guitar looking thing in the store, had no clue how it sounded) and started to learn how to play ABBA and bob dylan songs through youtube. Since then I have played for an hour or more per day and miraculously I have also found cool people that wants to play with me. When we recorded our first song I had only played for like half a year or something, never let lack of skill get in the way of your own creativity. The other guys in the band has had different amounts of experience before playing with me, most of them are much better at what they do than I am!

What are your lyrics about?

Boredom and hate. 

What aspirations do you have for the new year?

We will release a full length before 2018 is over!!! It will have synths on it and I think it will be pretty cool.

In our previous email you said Bloomington is full of neat bands, what Bloomington bands have you heard of and how do you think the American punk scene compares to Sweden?


Gizmos! they are from there right? Also the cowboys, they are like one of the most talented bands that are still in a punk/lo-fi/garage context right now. I also dig bugg and laffing gas even though I haven’t listened to them that much. I spend a lot of time fantasizing about the american punk scene since there are so many good bands there and it must be an exciting thing to be a part of in a way. In sweden/gothenburg there is not really a scene, just a few people from different musical backgrounds that dig weird stuff. When it comes to gothenburg I feel close kinship to the noise/concrete scene with bands like Neutral and Enhet för fri musik, those guys are original/talented in a real way and are not only lifelessly reproducing some stuff. The debut album of neutral, grå våg gamlestan is on youtube, check it out! The band isotope soap is another one from stockholm that I like a lot, they play punk too. There is of course tons of old swedish punk I love, check out bloodstains across sweden for a good compilation. Kriminella gitarrer is my favourite from that era.